2024 01 Pro Automatic Direktionen

Peder Pedersen and Sonni Tønder join Pro-Automatic's board of directors

Pro-Automatic has experienced significant growth and positive development in the last 5 years. To strengthen the company for further growth and development, organizational changes are being implemented. This means that prominent profiles with in-depth knowledge of the company are joining Pro-Automatic's board of directors, along with the hiring of a new production manager.

Current Production Director Sonni Tønder is appointed as Director of Development and becomes a part of the board of directors. Business development at Pro-Automatic needs reinforcement, given the existing potential, and several of the company's business areas need to be developed.

Sonni Tønder has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has been crucial for Pro-Automatic's development over the past 5 years. Employee growth has also been expansive, with the company increasing from 119 to 208 employees during this period. Sonni is a passionate leader, adept at attracting new employees, developing existing ones, and has been an engaged mentor for the 8 apprentices in the company.

"Sonni makes things happen! The production has evolved over time from a 'craftsmanship company' to a production company, and Sonni has diligently scaled up production to where Pro-Automatic stands today. With extensive knowledge of Pro-Automatic, he is well-rounded and therefore the right fit for the position of Director of Development," says Michael Schrøder, Director.

Green transition has led to the expansion of the sales organization

Sales Manager Peder Pedersen is appointed as Sales Director and becomes a part of the board of directors. Peder Pedersen has been with the company for a total of 24 years, possessing an in-depth understanding of Pro-Automatic, the customer portfolio, and a strong professional profile.

Over the past 3 years, Peder has grown and developed the sales organization, passionately driving the sales team's growth, especially in orders related to the green transition, including solutions for solar parks, charging stations, PtX plants, and infrastructure redevelopment.

"I look forward to strengthening the board of directors with individuals like Sonni Tønder and Peder Pedersen. They lead Pro-Automatic as if it were their own company and ambitiously take on development tasks. Simultaneously, they are able to engage employees and leaders in development, ensuring the desired goals and results are achieved," says Michael Schrøder.

Experienced production leader Niels Kristensen joins as the new production manager

Sonni hands over the production responsibilities to 50-year-old Niels Kristensen. Niels comes with more than 32 years of production experience – 28 of which were in the Velux Group – in production management, including the setup and implementation of ISO systems, LEAN implementation, and production optimization across factories in Europe.

Niels is passionate about employee and team development, ensuring that employees are strengthened and developed in line with the company's growth and the need for competence development.

"For a while, I've had my eye on Pro-Automatic because I find the culture and passion to be truly exceptional. I look forward to leveraging my skills and experiences to further strengthen production, develop employees, and, most importantly, retain production in Denmark," says Niels Kristensen.

The strategic organizational changes in Pro-Automatic will take effect from February 5, 2024.

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