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Pro-Automatic produces plastic panels for outdoor use in environments where there is moisture, dust or contaminants in the atmosphere, for example, at construction sites, ports and in agricultural areas.

Plastic panels are corrosion-proof and waterproof. Double insulation and the highest quality materials ensure high operational reliability and personal safety. We are always ready to meet customer requirements, including: customizing the panel dimensions for the installation site, offering a steel cabinet exterior rather than plastic, the possibility of special production of a stand for the panel, etc.



An overview of the benefits:

  • Maximum flexibility with the option of customized solutions
  • Highest quality with production in Denmark, all under one roof
  • Competitive prices
  • High level of service, including access to professional expertise throughout the process
  • Guarantee of compliance with all requirements in the standards, including the 61439 series
  • High level of operational reliability and personal safety


  • Agriculture
  • The industrial sector
  • Construction sites
  • Ports
  • Camp grounds
  • Infrastructure (e.g. street maintenance and train services)