Full speed from the beginning

Director Michael Schrøder founded Pro-Automatic A/S in 1992. The company established its headquarters at Søndermarken 2A in Holsted, with administrative and production facilities spanning 600 m2. Five employees contributed to a successful startup, and within just a few years, Pro-Automatic became a major player in the Danish market for electrical panel production.

In 1998, the company expanded its production area to 1,000 m2 to meet growing demand, and since then, the production and administration area has been expanded through several additions.

With a sharp focus on quality, competitive prices, and innovative product development, Pro-Automatic has maintained its leading position in the electrical panel production market over time.


Retention of the production in Denmark

While many companies in recent years have chosen to move production abroad, Pro-Automatic has kept its entire production in Denmark to ensure full control over quality.

In 2003, Pro-Automatic moved to a new headquarters at Søndermarken 16 in Holsted. Here, the company acquired a state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly production area covering 4,200 m2.

In 2014, 2020, 2021, and 2023, numerous building expansions for storage, production, and administration were carried out, so that in 2024, Pro-Automatic in Holsted has a total area of 11,000 m2.


National growth

In 2012, Pro-Automatic opened a sales and service department in Hvidovre to provide nationwide service and faster response times on Zealand. The department started with two employees but quickly grew to six.

In 2018, Pro-Automatic chose to move the department to larger premises in Albertslund, where there is more space to expand the staff.

In 2024, a sales and service department in Nørresundby is opened. A local department means that customers in Northern Jutland will experience shorter response times, faster inspections, and Pro-Automatic will have the opportunity to engage more closely in the development of electrical panels projects.


New co-owners

In 2017, Pro-Automatic particularly focused on securing the future of the company by bringing in two new investors, both with roots in West Jutland and an in-depth knowledge of the company.

This means that B. Schrøder Holding A/S (owned by siblings Liselotte Schrøder and Michael Schrøder) now owns 50% of Pro-Automatic A/S, while the new investors, Endrupholm Invest 2 ApS and Holsted Invest A/S, each own 25%. Johan Hoffmann stands behind the former investment company, and K. Preben Hansen and A. Birgitte Ipsen stand behind the latter.

Today, Pro-Automatic has a strong team of over 200 experienced employees specializing in electrical panel production. We deliver electrical panels of all sizes and for all industries, serving customers throughout Denmark, as well as in the Faroe Islands and Greenland.