Jacob og Michael

Pro-Automatic opens sales and service department in Northern Jutland

Pro-Automatic A/S, with over 30 years of experience in electrical panels and headquartered in Holsted, is now ensuring that the distance to customers in Northern Jutland becomes shorter.

"The choice of Northern Jutland is far from coincidental. In recent years, we have acquired many new projects and customers in Northern Jutland – and they want us in the local area. We are now acting on that and moving closer to our customers by opening a sales and service department in Nørresundby," says CEO Michael Schrøder.

Customers benefit from shorter response times

Peder Pedersen 1200 x 1200A local department means that customers in Northern Jutland will experience shorter response times, faster inspections, and Pro-Automatic will have the opportunity to engage more closely in the development of electrical panels projects.

"Customers in Northern Jutland want more presence and collaboration, which is why we have expanded our sales team, ready to meet their needs. Simultaneously, automation processes in our production are a high priority, and we continue strategic investments in new technology, digitization, and process optimizations. Thus, we maintain production in Denmark - close to our customers - and stand stronger in a competitive market. The Northern Jutland customers will now benefit from this," says Sales Director Peder Pedersen.

Pro-Automatic has already appointed the first service technicians and project engineers with experience in electrical panels at the Northern Jutland branch. At the same time, Northern Jutland has a strong technical educational environment, so additional employees will continuously be attracted to the local department. Employees in Northern Jutland will also benefit from the expertise of Pro-Automatic's more than 200 electrical panels specialists in Holsted and Albertslund.

The green transition is of colossal importance for Pro-Automatic's growth and development. This means a massive boom in new technologies, energy optimizations, and the transition to green power. Pro-Automatic is dedicated to - in close collaboration with customers and partners - developing new high-tech electrical panels solutions for various sectors to meet market demands.

Good projects are developed in close collaboration with customers

"Collaboration and close contact with customers are crucial for the development and implementation of future electrical panels that meet customers' needs and quality requirements. We aim for close and loyal collaboration with our customers, and our more than 30 years of experience and innovative solutions are intended to benefit our customers," says electricial contractor Jacob Hegnet Kjærgaard, who is the Project Manager in the new department. Jacob brings 10 years of experience in the construction of electrical panels, especially for new constructions like hospitals and larger commercial buildings.

Pro-Automatic's new department is establishing in existing buildings on Bouet Møllevej in Nørresundby and looks forward to welcoming customers.