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When power supply is a matter of life and death

At the hospital, even a short interruption in the power supply can affect an examination or a treatment, with fatal consequences. That is why safe and reliable power supply is of vital importance in the medical field. At Pro-Automatic, we provide electric panels for medical IT systems that are custom built for the individual project.

Odense University Hospital needed a secure power management solution for their new operating theatres, an extensive project that required 42 new, custom-made distribution panels. The project was particularly challenging because the new IEC/EN 60364-7-710 standard had just come into force in Denmark (High Voltage Executive Order Section 6A, Electrical Installations, chapter 710). And the erstwhile technology in the Danish electrical panel market could not meet these new standards, which are meant to ensure a more secure and reliable power supply for the medical field.

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Pro-Automatic took up the challenge and established a partnership with the German multinational company Siemens, which could provide the software solution that was needed. As the first on the Danish market, Pro-Automatic developed a unique distribution panel for medical IT systems and set new standards in the Danish market for reliable power supply for the medical field. The project was followed up with installation and functional testing of the new distribution panels as well as training the staff on how to operate them.

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