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When downtime costs dearly

An interruption to the power supply is necessary when old main switchboards need to be converted or expanded. It costs many companies dearly to shut down production in the event of a power outage. And it can be even more costly to interrupt the power supply in a hospital - especially if a conversion fails or takes longer than planned.

Pro-Automatic has an experienced service team that specializes in converting existing electrical switchboard equipment, including discontinued types.


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Southwest Jutland Hospital had to increase their capacity by adding a large, new emergency ward. This required the conversion of an existing main system, including the installation of new breakers to supply the new department with electricity. An efficient and quick conversion was required since this main panel supplies many of the hospital's departments. These departments had to stop all treatments that required mains power while the conversion was underway. In addition, the main panel was from the 1960s - an LK type 100/1000 - which is no longer in production today. The task also required an experienced electrical panel installer, specifically familiar with this type of electrical panel, with the skills to manufacture the discontinued parts.


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Pro-Automatic was ready to handle this task with an experienced service team that has expertise in the conversion of practically any type of electrical panel, including discontinued types. Our service team had two three-hour windows in a single day to complete the task. The power to the emergency room, operating rooms, etc. was cut during these two windows. Before that, the team undertook a huge amount of preparatory work, in cooperation with the hospital's management, which included a meticulous schedule, measurement of system components, risk assessment and testing.

Since Pro-Automatic has a service car with a mobile workshop (which has all necessary tools at the ready), we were also ready to solve any unforeseen problems. The service team started the installation at 5:00 in the morning, and at 14:15 (only fifteen minutes late due to a hip surgery that took longer than expected) the new circuit breakers were installed.

If you need help with conversion, expansion or optimization of existing electric panels, contact our sales engineers or read more about service and conversion here