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When harmonic currents stop production

Vejen Varmeværk and adjacent properties were experiencing strange disturbances in their power supply. Pro-Automatic solved the problem in cooperation with ABB by connecting an active filter.

Vejen Varmeværk noticed that there were problems with the power supply when their fully automated crane started returning error messages, parking incorrectly and getting stuck. In addition, the heating plant's electrician, Bjarne Hansen from it-el, observed that the load current in a 10 A lighting group was too high - it was as high as 19 A.  This meant that the lighting group was constantly disconnecting because of the high power consumption.

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Bjarne Hansen contacted Pro-Automatic, which has supplied electrical panels for it-el for more than a decade and also has vast experience in solving problems with the quality of power supply.

The sales engineer from Pro-Automatic, Peder Pedersen, says: "After discussing the case with it-el, we figured that it had to be harmonic currents that were producing the voltage disturbance. So we turned to our long-standing partner, ABB, who has special knowledge and equipment for measuring voltage disturbances and who could provide an active filter as a solution to the problem."

Optimal voltage quality with an active filter

ABB conducted a power analysis that showed the voltage disturbance was all the way at 16% (utilities only allow a maximum of 8%). Based on this analysis, ABB delivered a 150 A active filter, while Pro-Automatic and it-el handled the conversion of the existing main switchboard so the active filter could be connected.

This resolved the problem with the harmonic currents and disturbances. The disturbance in voltage has now changed from 16% to just 4.1%, so the requirement of maximum 8% is easily met.

For more information about active filters or for a consultation related to power quality problems, please contact our sales engineers.

Read also ABB's article on the delivery of the active filter for Vejen Varmeværk (in Danish).