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Power to the heart of the hospital

The laboratory is the hospital's most vital organ. If the laboratory doesn't work, nothing works. The staff can't do their jobs, and patients can't be treated. That's why the power supply can never fail.

Kolding Hospital is being expanded so it can service an area with 300,000 people in Southern Denmark. The large main switchboard has been built with draw-out circuit breakers from ABB in order to improve the reliability and security of supply in the laboratory and the rest of the hospital. Should a fault occur, it is easy to remove the circuit breaker and replace it with a new one, which the hospital always has in reserve. Because the supply of electricity must never be interrupted.

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The right components

Pro-Automatic manufactured the new panels for the hospital expansion, supplying a total of 30 main panels and floor panels for the project. They decided, along with Kolding Hospital and the installer, Bravida, to install ABB's SMISSLINE line in the panels.

"Kolding Hospital does not compromise on what they want. So we included the SMISSLINE line in our proposals, and it made winning the bid easier. This meant that we had both the right price and the right components from the start, so both the consultants and the contractors were satisfied," says Nis Thaysen, sales engineer at Pro-Automatic.


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"The expansion of Kolding Hospital is expected to be completed in 2017 with an ultramodern and reliable installation that is supported by four emergency generators - two at 1419 kVA and two at 1250 kVA, so all of the hospital's operations are covered by emergency generators," says Peter Larsen, electrician at Kolding Hospital.

The above is an excerpt from an article in ABB's Connect customer magazine. Read the article here (in Danish)

For more information on main switchboards with circuit breakers, please contact one of Pro-Automatic's sales engineers.